What they say about Seldom Sene

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Review of the CD “Not a Single Road”
“The five members of this dynamic quintet are pioneers of new performance techniques and new sounds. With these four very recent works we are taken into an entirely new recorder landscape… This all shows that Seldom Sene is making an original mark on recorder history”

Paul Janssen, Klassieke Zaken

Review of the CD “Goldberg Variations”
“With passionate command, skillful precision, nuanced dynamics and their outstanding potentialfor colouring, the ensemble succeeds in creating a surprising spectrum of enchanting, unheard-of sounds from Bach’s Variations without compromising the “idea” of the work.”

Martin Hoffmeister, Radio MDR Klassik

Review of the CD “Taracea”
“The range of styles in this enterprising recital is only the most striking of several distinctive features. The programme is carefully chosen, the passage between styles cleverly judged on the whole, the contemporary works included here being especially well integrated.”

Fabrice Fitch, Gramophone

Review of the CD “Taracea”
“Seldom Sene smoothly combines renaissance works, baroque ‘fireworks’ from Bach to Boismortier, and contemporary repertoire form the likes of Frans Geysen and Fulvio Caldini, forming a beautifully sounding ‘Mosaic’. Never a dull moment throughout, this is an ensemble to watch.”

Paul Janssen, Klassieke Zaken

Review of the CD “Goldberg Variations”
“In my reviews of previous recordings of this ensemble I have already noted that they are one of the best of their kind, and that is confirmed here.”

Johan van Veen, Musica Dei Donum

Comment on the video “A portrait of Seldom Sene Recorder Quintet”
“Brilliant! What a sound, and what a perfect balance between discipline and flexibility. That’s how the recorder should be played, mastered and, above all, enjoyed. Bravi!Bravi!Bravi!”

Walter van Hauwe, Youtube

Review of the CD “Not a single road”
“An impressive collection of commissioned works written for Seldom Sene.”

Tom Bickley, American Recorder

Review of the CD “Fortune Infortune”
“This setting is good for the highest degree of melancholy, countertenor Daniel Elgersma and the fantastic recorder quintet Seldom Sene do justice to Margaretha’s sad outpourings. Daniel Elgersma, often found in the ranks of the famous ensemble Vox Luminis, sings intelligibly and expressively and his voice mixes comfortably in a soft bed of recorders. This is a Renaissance CD to put on repeat.”

Marcel Bijlo, Klassieke Zaken