The Amsterdam-based recorder quintet SELDOM SENE was founded in 2009 by five musicians with a shared passion for playing in a consort. As an ensemble they focus on the interpretation and performance of both early and contemporary music. In addition, each member of the quintet adds their own qualities and interests, for example in the field of musicology and improvisation. This mutual complement and mutual inspiration gives Seldom Sene a rarely heard wealth of creativity, virtuosity and eloquence.

Watch our performances

T. Tallis: O sacrum convivium
J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations - Aria da Capo
T. Tallis: O sacrum convivium
T. Tallis: O sacrum convivium
tekst concert
N. Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the bumblebee
tekst concert
A. Nasopoulou: Square-Oblong (Ten Dipoles: No.9)

The playing is of the highest order: immaculate intonation and perfect ensemble are two of the main requirements for a good performance of consort music.

Johan van Veen, MusicWeb International

“Five recorder players with a great passion for consort music. Their playing excels through the high quality of ensemble playing, sound refinement, creativity in ornamentation, a profound technical mastery (hear the double tonguing!) and, above all, love for music.”

Els van Swols

“The five members of this dynamic quintet are pioneers of new performance techniques and new sounds.”

Paul Janssen, Klassieke Zaken

“Brilliant! What a sound, and what a perfect balance between discipline and flexibility. That’s how the recorder should be played, mastered and, above all, enjoyed. Bravi!Bravi!Bravi!”

Walter van Hauwe, Youtube

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